Article nr.ST779
DescriptionBastille Chair
Made inThe Netherlands
Design byPiet Blom
Price 900,-

Bastille chair, from the University of Twente- Enschede. Designed in 1964 by the Dutch architect Piet Blom. Produced by Huizenga N.V. Utrecht, with a quantity of 400 pieces. 200 pieces got lost and 200 pieces where sold or given away.

The chair is named after the university canteen. The canteen got immediately baptised, after it's opening(1969) in Bastille , refered after the famous prison in Paris France, of which the students feld like that they where in a prison, when the entered the canteen.

After renovation of the university canteen in 2002, only a few chairs survived.


Height              84 cm
Width               40 cm
Seating height   45 cm


2 pieces in stock

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