Article nr.ST1147
DescriptionSZ 15 chair
Made inThe Netherlands
Design byChan Kwok Hoi
Price () 2300,-

Rare SZ 15 chair, 1973.

Designed by Chan Kwok Hoi,

Manufactured by 't Spectrum, Bergeijk.

The chair has a chrome tubular frame with a canvas seat.

Purchased from the first owner.

This chair was only 2 years in production, from 1973-1974.

Lit. 't Spectrum catalogue, page 95.

Height         70 cm

Width          72 cm

Depth          90 cm

Seat height   35 cm

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Article nr.St1165
DescriptionIndustrial stool
Made inUnknown
Design byUnknown
Price () 95,-

Industrial stool, 1960's.

Height     59 cm

Diameter  38 cm

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Article nr.C454
DescriptionThonet armchair B34
Made inGermany
Design byMarcel breuer
Price () 950,-

Rare B34 Thonet reproduction ca 1980.

This variation with blue canvas and blue arm-rests is no longer in production.

Marked with 80's cotton Thonet label

Designed by Marcel Breuer

Manufactured by Thonet

Height         84 cm

Width          58 cm

Depth          63 cm

Seat height   46 cm




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Article nr.ST1108
DescriptionPolak AP30 rattan chair
Made inThe Netherlands
Design byHerbert Hirche
Price () 450,-

Rare Polak AP30 rattan chair , ca 1960.

Designed by Herbert Hirche

Manufactured by A.Polak's meubelindustrie, Ysselstein.

Lit: Goedwonen catalogue 1964, page 7.

     The Furniture Collection Stedelijk museum Amsterdam, page 177.

Height         74 cm

Width          48 cm

Depth          42 cm

Seat height   44 cm


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Article nr.ST980
DescriptionLeather pouf
Made inThe netherlands
Design byUnknown
Price () 120,-

Leather pouf with a nice patina, ca 1960.

Height   28 cm  

Width    50 cm

Depth    50 cm


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